New day, new me!

I decided to rejuvenate my previous blog that was once called “Alaala – Rey’s Philippines Journey.” The blog showcased my experience studying abroad in the Philippines back in Fall 2015.

My decision to utilize my old blog again to not only maximize what it can become a “way of life” blog but most importantly, using this platform as space for me to share my critical thoughts, opinions, and questions. After graduating from undergrad and moving into a new chapter of my life, my experience living back in my parent’s house felt like it was missing something. The proximity of my friends was definitely a factor but I won’t say it was the only one. I believe it was the intellectual discourses that I had back in college with my peers and mentors.

Yet, I am not discrediting the fact about having intellectual discourses with my family. Allowing critical conversations would involve having to incorporate dealing with intergenerational differences and language barriers. Even I am still learning how to navigate conversations with those particular circumstances.

With the time being, I thought it would be great to have those intellectual discourses through sharing my thoughts and opinion on this blog. This method shouldn’t demand an immense amount of labor or immediate attention from others because I believe I can allow my clouds of thoughts and concerns be frozen in “time” within the virtual world.

My goal for this “new” blog is to give myself a (virtual) space to express my ideas that don’t have to be molded into the performativity of social media like Facebook and Tumblr. In the long run, I hope to become a better writer through this experience.

Also, I hope to make this more interactive. So I will leave a question after each post. For example:

What was the last time you “revamp/rejuvenate” a project? Was it successful? What would you do differently? Or what did you do differently?


What questions/topics you have come to face today?

Leave a comment below 🙂


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